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Other Services

Here at Joe’s Tree Care we are always expanding in order to bring you a better service. These expansions include but are not limited to:


We have decided that to provide a better service we must provide a wider variety of services, this includes lawn care. We have brought in people who know what’s what when it comes to installing, and protecting your lawn. These new members of the Joe’s Tree Care family are here to continue the tradition of excellent service and customer satisfaction we are proud of.

Natural Pesticides

This is a service that has been provided for a long time, always with healthy pesticides to kill the many diseases that attack your trees. However, we are now finding even healthier alternatives, and cleaner pesticides to exterminate pests and maintain the tree healthy without bringing harm to the environment, nor ecosystem.

The Installment of Fences

While Working on many properties, Joe has noted that many costumers call us because of fallen trees or branches. Unfortunately, much of this debris ends up on the clients fence, and once we remove the debris, the fence damage remains. Thankfully, Joe is unveiling a new Fencing service in addition to the many services he provides in order to please the public. Here at Joe’s Tree Care we now provide fence repair and installments, for all our customers needs.


Tree Removal

Dead trees are aesthetically displeasing, although they are not the only trees with that quality. Dead trees are dangerous because they are easily lit on fire. They are susceptible to…

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Joe believes reforestation is necessary to maintain Central Texas beautiful. Due to this belief, Joe’s Tree Care offers a free tree with every removal done. The company has teams with the…

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Trimming and Pruning

There are reasons to prune a tree, reasons like maintaining the health, training the plant, rejuvenating the tree, improving the quality of branches, flowers and the tree as a whole….

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Raised Canopy and Roof Clearance

Many times trees near your house grow branches that get too close to your roof. Although these branches might be perfectly healthy they pose a threat to your home, whether…

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Stump Grinding

After removing a tree the tree stomp remains. some people decide to keep this stump as a reminder or as decoration, however the space the stump occupies cannot be used…

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