Red Gum Lerp Psyllid

RGLP_symptomsThe red gum lerp psyllid (RGLP) (Glycaspis brimblecombei) is a foliar pest on red gum eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus camaldulensis).  Like Eucalyptus trees, the RGLP is native to Australia. RGLP is a plant-juice sucking homopteran in the family Psyllidae. The nymphs form a protective covering of crystallized honeydew called a lerp, which protects the insects from both predators and insecticidal foliar sprays.  Excess honey dew results in the growth of sooty mold.  The RGLP is responsible for extensive defoliation of Red Gum Eucalyptus trees.  Heavy infestations result in reduced tree health, decline and ultimately, tree loss.


Trees infested by Red Gum Lerp Psyllid have leaves covered in “lerps,” blackened by sooty mold and drop leaves. Honeydew from eucalyptus trees may also be an indication of RGLP infestation.

Info Source: Arborjet

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