Dutch Elm Disease

dutchelmdisease_symtpomsDutch elm disease is a vascular wilt disease that causes rapid decline in as few as 6 weeks after infection.  American and European elms are commonly infected in two ways: via elm bark beetles that vector the disease from infected to healthy trees, or via fungi that are transmitted through root grafts. Dutch elm disease is an aggressive disease that is almost always fatal to the host tree once it becomes established.


Leaves show signs of wilting (flagging), yellowing and browning. Brown or purplish discoloration is found in sapwood under the bark and dieback will occur shortly after symptoms are first discovered.

Info Source: Arborjet

Trees will recover from infestation and will be protected from this disease after the application of effective treatments offered by Joe’s Tree Care. We have certified arborists that can help you keep your trees healthy! Call us today! 512-215-1551