disease5Anthracnose (leaf blight) is a fungus that winters on twig tissue on the tree.  In the spring, spores are transported to new buds and shoots.  The disease is enhanced by cool, wet conditions.  Infected leaves develop tan to reddish brown lesions that extend along the veins of the leaf.  Considerable defoliation, sometimes with complete leaf loss, occurs on many trees by late spring in cool, wet years.

Different species of anthracnose impact a variety of tree species, including oak, ash, maple, elm, hickory, walnut, birch, linden, sycamore and dogwood.  Sycamore, white oak and dogwood are particularly susceptible to anthracnose.


The primary signs of anthracnose are tan to red-brown lesions that extend along the veins and edges of the leaf, as well as considerable defoliation, sometimes with complete leaf loss.

Info Source: Arborjet

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