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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Joe’s Tree Care?

Joe’s Tree Care was founded in 2009 by Joe Garcia who still own and runs this proud small business today. Joe is still extremely involved in the company and personally does estimates on a daily basis. Joe is a hard working, honest individual and thoroughly enjoys what he does.

what insurance does Joe’s Tree Care have?

Joe’s Tree Care has liability insurance. If something goes wrong and we’re responsible for the damage, we have insurance to repair said damage. However, Joe’s Tree Care personnel are highly trained and property damage is extremely rare. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee to make sure you’re happy with the results.

what is a tree service groundsman?

A tree service groundsman is the general term for tree service personnel, the term groundsman can be a tree climber or tree trimmer/pruner or the person on the ground that hauls the fallen shrub

what does Joe’s Tree Care do with the wood?

Joe’s Tree Care offers free hauling, we clear the wood for you and take it to a recycling site that further processes the wood. The site creates mulch and other wood products. if you prefer to keep your wood, you can do so of course.

why hire a tree service?

A tree service takes the worrying out of tree care. We offer professional services that reduce infection risks making your trees healthier and more appealing in the process. Also, with regular professional care, we can detect early warning signs and take the proper steps to maintain your trees healthy.

why is tree service so expensive?

Tree service is so expensive because of the costs that it requires to be performed. Supplies involve ropes, harnesses, spiked shoes, saws and chainsaws, specialized equipment, cleaning supplies, transportation, etc. the costs of supplies and personnel drives up the cost.

how to bid tree service?

You can request an estimate with a fully thought out idea of what you would like done or just a vague thought. Contact a tree service provider or multiple tree service companies and request an estimate. If they charge (Joe’s Tree Care doesn’t) be prepared to pay for the estimate. The companies will come and give you a quote for the services to be rendered. Once you have a quote you like, contact the company that issued the quote to schedule the job.

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